Good Day

I know You have been paying attention to THE BUSINESS SITE OWNED AND OPERATED BY RICHARDS ONLINE DEALS INC – JUST4USSHOPPING. It has been a couple days to a week since the website has been down again. I know You have an idea to what may be the cause, but as I told you before “THAT’S HOW IT IS WITH GOOD PEOPLE” Can’t seem to get OUR DAMN PAPER ( MONEY ). Look do me a Favor... KEEP UR HEADS UP AND EYES OPEN FOR US TO https://richardsonlinedeals.co We have to now upgrade Our server to something bigger so he wait time to get the server up and for Us to migrate over to it is not long, But Long. Be Kool, Stay Dry, cause I can’t. I am sweating, Gotta get the A.C FIXED, thats playing trix too, But We GOOD, cause “WE STILL TOGETHER”



Rickia & Bella Branch